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November Employment Report: Oil & Gas Jobs Continue to Grow, in Line With National Economy

Jobs in the oilfield continue to grow, with an increase of 1,286 jobs in the U.S. oilfield services sector during November, according to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) after adjustments to October numbers and analysis by the Energy Workforce & Technology Council. 

Compared to October, job availability across the sector increased by 0.2%, as the market continued adding jobs in 10 out of the 11 months. When the pandemic hit U.S. shores in January 2020, the industry boasted 705,481 jobs, while today, the industry plays home to 652,398 in the energy services and technology sector.  Diving deeper into the analysis, the sector is only 54,130 jobs away from returning to pre-pandemic levels.  

Nationally, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped once again, returning to 3.7% compared to 3.9% in the previous month. Reports indicate that government hiring, seasonal labor and the end of two significant strikes bolstered employment nationwide.  

“Make no mistake, the latest jobs report directly reflects the oil and gas industry’s adaptability and determination. These latest figures are a testament to the industry’s commitment to growth.”

Energy Workforce President Molly Determan

In a state-by-state analysis, Energy Workforce reported the following:

State     Oil & Gas Job Rate 

TX          317,287 

LA          54,368 

OK         49,550 

CO         26,435 

NM       24,352 

CA         23,831 

PA         23,570 

ND        20,250 

WY        15,106 

OH        10,808 

AK         10,092 

WV        9,962 

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