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PESA Hosts Rep. Burgess for Policy Roundtable Discussion

Rep. Michael Burgess, TX-27

Rep. Michael Burgess, TX-26

On July 16, Rep. Michael Burgess (TX-26) provided PESA members an in-depth analysis of the congressional legislative agenda during a policy roundtable discussion. Led by Government Affairs Committee Chair Todd Ennenga, Halliburton, Tim Tarpley, Vice President Government Affairs, the conversation offered members an opportunity to hear more about House and Senate economic recovery plans and share concerns regarding COVID-19’s effect on the OFS sector.

Rep. Burgess recently spoke to PESA members during a Government Affairs Townhall where he addressed his current committee work on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Rep. Burgess also met with PESA members in February during the group’s Washington D.C. Fly-In, discussing potential bills and his committee work prior to the pandemic.

During the July 16 meeting, Rep. Burgess said additional economic stimulus was important and he prepared to debate different proposals and resolve the topic before the September recess.

Tarpley opened the discussion by emphasizing that liability protections continue to be a top priority for the energy sector. Rep. Burgess reiterated that Senator McConnell (KY) believes passing some type of liability protections are necessary.

The process for selecting a new House Energy and Commerce Committee chair is currently underway. Rep. Burgess is the most senior Republican on the committee. He said his knowledge of the issues and positive relationships with Democrats make him a viable candidate for the position.

Ennenga asked Rep. Burgess about his plans and frameworks for the committee should he become chair. Rep. Burgess said he would continue to push for adding to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and that he would focus on nuclear energy and its role in energy transition.

Tarpley asked Rep. Burgess about tariffs and its impact on the OFS sector and PESA Members. Rep. Burgess indicated that he does not think it is likely that tariffs will be removed, and it would probably depend on the November election.

Concluding the discussion, Rep. Burgess, who was a practicing doctor for nearly three decades, provided his thoughts on how the country will manage COVID-19. Rep. Burgess believes that shutting down the economy was destructive, and an additional shutdown poses almost a big of risk as virus itself. He emphasized that those at high risk need reasonable accommodations from employers or schools.

The next Government Affairs Townhall is July 31. Please register now.

For more information about the Government Affairs and Policy Committees, please contact Vice President Government Affairs Tim Tarpley.



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