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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Kicks Off Second Year of Permian Executive Leadership

Living Above the LineConducted via teleconference due to COVID-19 restrictions, participants analyzed and discussed an array of leadership and organizational development tools during the kickoff session of PESA’s second year of the Engaging Leadership Course for the Permian District.

Pat Lipovski, Founder and CEO, Envision Group, and his team, took the Midland-based group through an in-depth overview in preparation for the next sessions, scheduled for the fall.

The seminars explored the sphere of influence in participants’ organizations and sought to increase understanding of how to leverage that influence to create positive organizational change. Participants analyzed practices that support development of organizational networks and culture. They applied leadership tools that can break down organizational silos, such as dialogue, facilitation, powerful questioning, effective listening and coaching and differences between leaders and managers. Participants learned about the most common leadership styles and coaching models and identified how to recognize ideal candidates for development.

The seminar’s teleconference format allowed participants to engage in discussion freely both live and via chat.

“I’m about servant leadership,” said one participant. “You can’t get things accomplished on your own. It’s important to be able to understand that people don’t work for you, you work for them.”

“I wanted to take this course to add more to my toolbox and this gives me an opportunity to ask myself how I can be a better leader,” said another.

Engaging Leadership Permian participants are scheduled to meet in Midland, Texas this fall for a two-day seminar that will encourage networking and further dialogue.



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