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PESA Launches Center of Excellence to Share ESG Information

esgPESA today launched its ESG Center of Excellence, a web-based library of ESG information and resources, constructed to augment PESA’s range of ESG knowledge-building and best practice sharing events for members.

Since its inception in 2018, the ESG Committee has worked to assist member companies navigating ESG elements and analyze the best ways to address the criteria used by ESG investors to evaluate business practices.

“In this incredibly difficult environment of navigating COVID-19 demand destruction and geopolitically driven oversupply, our sector needs support now more than ever. Environment, Social and Governance issues remain critical to the business and are at the forefront of many of the challenges we are currently facing,” said PESA President Leslie Beyer. “PESA will maintain its commitment to support our members with the resources needed to navigate today’s immense challenges on all fronts and emerge stronger when these unprecedented times have passed.”

PESA’s Center of Excellence provides a constantly expanding repository of ESG information and resources, including:

  • Best practices from within the sector on improving business practices, understanding reporting standards and navigating ESG frameworks
  • PESA’s ESG advocacy and education efforts with government officials, ratings organizations and other stakeholders
  • Information about training and knowledge building programs
  • Upcoming ESG events, including PESA-sponsored seminars and speakers
  • ESG-related news and updates showing how PESA member companies and the energy sector are engaging in ESG initiatives

“The Center of Excellence and the ESG certification program are the latest step for PESA’s ESG initiatives,” said Tim Tarpley, Vice President Government Affairs. “We’re looking forward to continuing to expand our efforts to help our members develop and improve their ESG programs and build a sustainable future in the energy sector.”

For media inquiries, contact PESA Communications Director Kevin Broom.

If you are interested in joining PESA’s ESG initiatives, please contact PESA VP Government Affairs Tim Tarpley.



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