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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Leads U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Administration Officials and International Delegations Visits at OTC

PESA played a key role in this year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) conference by escorting Administration officials and international delegates to member exhibits. PESA member exhibits brought award winning technology and innovations for offshore expansion and also participated in engaging panel discussions on the need to simplify and standardize specifications to keep costs down, to allow the faster development of new projects, and to most importantly continue to improve safety.

“Our pivotal role at PESA facilitates the integration of policy and technology by connecting administration officials and international delegations to the technological advancements pioneered by our member companies and showcased at OTC,” stated Leslie Shockley Beyer, PESA President.

PESA escorted U.S. Dept. of Commerce International Trade Administration Deputy Assistant Secretary Chandra Brown and ITA staff members to multiple member company exhibits at OTC. As the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Manufacturing, Chandra Brown oversees a broad portfolio of programs aimed at increasing the international competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers. Managing a staff of over 70 international trade professionals, she is responsible for boosting U.S. exports of manufactured products, helping to create and support jobs for American workers. PESA is at the forefront of this effort to support the increase of U.S. jobs through supporting exports and fair trade agreements.

Also visiting OTC with PESA was U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait, Douglas Silliman. On May 5, during OTC week, the Bilateral U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce hosted an executive roundtable where Ambassador Silliman offered an overview of key business and investment opportunities across a wide variety of industry sectors.

The U.S. Embassy to Qatar also asked PESA to escort the Qatar Trade Delegation to the exhibits at OTC. Qatar’s significant economic growth of 10.7% per annum since 2008 and trade volumes of over 6 billion, including 85 million in exports of oil and gas processing equipment and pumps position them as a strong international energy commerce partner.

PESA member companies were scattered throughout the sold-out exhibit hall at OTC where they showcased the best-in-class technology in today’s competitive offshore industry, demonstrating the leadership of US companies in every category. Several PESA members received the coveted Spotlight on New Technology Award, which honors innovative technologies that significantly impact offshore exploration and production technology.

For example:

  • GE demonstrated the significant value they can deliver to the offshore industry with several offshore and subsea solutions including SeaStream™ Insight, GE’s Industrial Internet innovation in offshore remote monitoring and asset support.
  • FMC Technologies‘ Annulus Monitoring System provides independent condition monitoring within the subsea wellhead from the onset of drilling. The communication system delivers actionable information to the operator during critical phases of well installation and commissioning from multiple analog or digital sensors within annular locations.
  • Baker Hughes showcased MultiNode™ all-electric intelligent well system, the industry’s first advanced completion system that provides remote-controlled monitoring and precise control of production zones to manage water and gas breakthrough, and improve ultimate recovery.
  • Cameron’s Mark IV High-Availability (HA) BOP Control System features an industry-first three-Point of Distribution (POD) design option for subsea BOPs.
  • Weatherford featured their Total Vibration Monitor with Angular Rate Gyro (TVM+), a downhole sensor that provides critical drilling dynamics data in real-time and recorded formats and utilizes the industry’s first MEMS-based (micro-electromechanical system) angular-rate gyro.
  • Schlumberger’s Quanta Geo* photorealistic reservoir geology service redefines imaging in oil-base mud to provide highly detailed, core-like microresistivity images that visually represent formation geology. These images enable confident visual identification of facies and determination of directional trends, thus reducing uncertainty in reservoir models, making better field development plans, and quantifying project economics.
  • The RezConnect™ Well Testing System by Halliburton is the industry’s first system to offer full acoustic control of drill-stem testing tools. Downhole samplers, valves, and gauges are controlled in real-time and their status is communicated to the surface for confidence in your ability to control, measure, and analyze your well.

The OTC conference held May 4-8 at NRG Park included 11 panel sessions, 29 executive keynote presentations at luncheons and breakfasts, and almost 300 technical paper presentations and was once again certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce in recognition of the superior quality of exhibitors and attendees. Many PESA member companies who exhibited at OTC contributed valuable information sharing in panel sessions and presentations. Next year’s conference is expected to be another spectacular event and is scheduled for May 2-5, 2016.



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