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FSO Graduates Praise PESA/Foreign Service Institute Energy Industry Training Course

The Spring Session of PESA/Foreign Service Institute Energy Industry Training graduates rated the April 2015 FSO course with outstanding reviews saying that that it was “A great combination of private sector material and government,” and that they “learned a tremendous amount about the oil and petroleum sector.” In the anonymous course survey responses, PESA learned that the FSO graduates favored the combination of intensive industry-focused technical programs, balanced with an economic and policy overview citing an overwhelming majority of highly favorable responses ”Fabulous job and I will recommend this training to my other colleagues!”

The appreciation for a balance between energy technology and economic policy in the presentations was expressed in this comment: “As someone with limited background in energy issues, I found the course invaluable for giving me a solid understanding of the industry, its technical details, and policy issues.”

The April 2015 FSO class visited FMC Manufacturing, the Weatherford training rig, Halliburton R&D Center and heard from leading energy industry experts at Chevron and Schlumberger. The technical program raised their level of understanding of current energy technologies and better prepared them for their careers in the global energy sector.

“The training did a great job of explaining what the different O&G companies specialized in and detailed how the machinery actually works.”

“I liked both Dan Domeracki’s (Schlumberger) and Aaron Russell’s (Halliburton) presentations on hydraulic fracturing.”

“The Deep Sea interactive discussion at FMC was fascinating.”

According to the survey responses, the economic and policy presentations by Rice University and Citi added a fundamental understanding of the international trading, pricing and governmental issues facing energy providers. Participants felt that this portion of the course was extremely beneficial and provided the foundation for a comprehensive overview of international energy trading.

“I thought the Rice discussion of OPEC and the discussions of where oil and gas production stand globally and in the United States were most useful.”

Overall, the ratings of the FSO course commended the program and expressed sincere appreciation for PESA and FSI for providing this opportunity. “The training was phenomenal. The support of FSI and PESA was invaluable and helped participants get the most out of the course. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Even with my engineering and energy background, I still learned an incredible amount from this course.”



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