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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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PESA Oilfield Metallurgy Seminar

“This seminar is a great opportunity to understand the oilfield metallurgy business and its applications in a variety of contexts. Many professionals in the business were never fully exposed to the complexity of metallurgical applications in the oilfield before,” said Aaron Gilbert, Strategic Account Manager at Ellwood, in opening remarks at the PESA Oilfield Metallurgy Seminar held Wednesday, April 5, at PESA.

Speaker Michael Pendley, Technical Sales Manager, Villares Metals, provided a thorough overview of metallurgical applications of steel and other important metals in the oilfield. With more than 30 years’ experience in the sector, Pendley explained the complexity of modern metallurgical process considering different activities in the sector, from land operations through offshore drilling.

“The major enemy of operational efficiency and heavy equipment preservation is corrosion,” said Pendley, and added it is important that oilfield professionals understand standards and processes applied to optimize usage and working life of metals. Pendley explained that many professionals are not fully aware of chemical compatibilities or factors that can cause severe corrosion, since in some cases it is not visible until the whole metallic structure is compromised.

“There are many factors influencing the proper performance of metals, especially steel. In many instances, if the type of steel used in a certain operation is not the correct one or is not preserved in the proper manner, the durability will be shortened and operational costs therefore will increase,” emphasized Pendley.

Far from exhausting information about metallurgical processes and methods, Pendley added an overview of the oil cycle, from its inception through its extraction, providing participants the necessary correlation between the vital role of different metals and its specific application in a variety of operational contexts.

The Oilfield Metallurgy Seminar was hosted by the PESA Energy Educators Committee. The committee is actively involved in activities focused on enhancing oilfield education and advancement of knowledge in the sector, contributing to prepare future generations to better serve the industry.



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