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PESA Supply Chain Townhall Teleconference Spurs Discussion of COVID-19 Challenges

The PESA Supply Chain Committee hosted a townhall on Friday, March 20 addressing the effects of COVID-19 on the sector’s supply chain processes and procedures. PESA Supply Chain Committee Chair Hope Anderson, VP, Supply Chain, NOV, facilitated the discussion where she and more than 30 other PESA Member Companies shared experiences, analyzed the impact all members are seeing on the business and discussed strategies for managing organizations’ supply chains.

Attendees shared best practices around supply chain mapping, identifying critical suppliers’ manufacturing city and country locations. Using this supply chain map as the pandemic has unfolded, companies have been able to analyze open purchase orders from products destination points and reach out to suppliers in impacted regions to monitor their operational status. Challenges in the current environment include tracking quality and how to implement that task remotely, as well as tracking logistical status. Daily updates by country help with operations and tracking business continuity.

Companies with manufacturing facilities have implemented multiple teams, ensuring no overlap in these groups and stringent adherence to health and safety cautionary measures. As workplace social distancing and working remotely is being observed throughout the industry, communication continues to be paramount and supply chain managers are leaning heavily on remote communication tools, as well as consistent daily updates on workflow status.

The Supply Chain Committee also discussed how the oilfield services and equipment sector could support the medical community treating patients with COVID-19 by providing personal protective equipment. In some cases, healthcare workers are forced to reuse one-time-use supplies or forego protection altogether. PESA Members who have PPE supplies – especially surgical or N95 masks – can visit to make a donation to area hospitals.

Attendees were encouraged to submit additional questions and share any additional best practices, documents and resources, which PESA is continually compiling and distributing to the group.  Following the call, PESA shared supporting resources, a guidance document from DHS regarding what will be defined as “critical infrastructure,” as well as a resource companies can use to monitor state by state orders.

If you would like to join future Supply Chain calls, please contact Sr. Director Membership Services Peggy Helfert.



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