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Texas: Additional Texas Cities Consider Fracking Restrictions

Upstream Conventional & Unconventional Onshore Development:


Residents of Mansfield, Texas are pressuring local city officials to revamp the city’s existing drilling ordinance, adopted in 2005, in order to increase setbacks. Currently, the Mansfield ordinance requires a 600-foot buffer between pad sites and residences. Citizens are asking for this distance to be increased to 1,500 feet for all wells, not just new permits. Mansfield residents have previously pursued successful amendments to ban fracking Sundays and encourage operators to notify residents prior to certain site activities.

College Station City Council met November 24 to consider amending the city’s current oil and regulations. Some of the proposed changes include increased permit fees, increased setbacks, noise abatement requirements and prohibited disposal wells and gas burning/venting.

Elected leaders in the cities of Reno and Presidio have received numerous calls from residents who are becoming concerned about increased seismic activity and threats to water supplies. Earlier this year, Reno passed a law limiting disposal well activity to operators who can prove injections won’t cause earthquakes.



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