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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Engagement & HR Committees Partner Create PESA D&I Champion for Leaders Program

PESA’s Engagement and HR Committees have formed a joint task force to develop curriculum for the newly-created PESA D&I Champion for Leaders Program, designed to give individual leaders tools and strategies to implement greater diversity and inclusion (D&I) elements within their companies.  Using interactive seminars, peer coaching and executive sponsorship, the course will utilize the PESA Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit to help companies create in-depth plans of action.

The nine-month training and certification program (March-November 2020) concludes with Certification of PESA D&I Champion, signifying that the graduate has gained competence in the stated focus areas around D&I and promotes strategic thinking in the integration of these best practices to the sponsoring PESA Member Company.

Course work includes:

  • Course pre-work utilizing PESA Gender Diversity Study Maturity Index to self-assess, change management tools
  • Four, half-day seminars on key learnings
    • Inclusion Journey, Unconscious Bias, People/Talent Pipeline, Governance and Metrics
  • Participate in peer coaching or accountability partner pairings
  • Two executive breakfast sessions with executive sponsor
  • Required final report outlining plan for internal integration
  • Graduation ceremony with PESA Leadership

Each professionally-facilitated seminar will feature speakers from PESA Member Companies, operator customers, outside thought leaders and more.

Participants will be strongly encouraged to engage executive team members within their companies at the beginning, throughout and again at the end of the program to ensure that the support and influence needed to implement such changes is in place.

[su_quote cite=”Leslie Beyer, President, PESA”]”This program is a wonderful opportunity for organizations across the sector to really make a push for more diversity in the workplace and to share with one another best practices for both individual leadership and company-wide implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives. The PESA D&I Champion for Leaders Program is a cost-effective alternative that utilizes our incredibly knowledgeable member group to provide the tools needed to affect tangible change.” [/su_quote]

The taskforce encourages PESA Member to begin thinking about their own cross-functional teams to enroll in the inaugural class cohort, limited to 50 individuals.

The joint taskforce is led by Engagement Committee Vice Chair Amy Thompson, Apergy; Engagement Committee Chair Debra Martinez, Exterran; Kelly Munson, DistributionNOW; Debbie Sehulster, Halliburton; HR Committee Vice Chair Bonnie Houston, NOV; HR Committee Chair Dave Warnick, Weir Oil & Gas; and other committee members.

If you are a PESA Member and are interested in this program or would like a copy of the toolkit, contact Director Membership Services Beth Bradford.



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