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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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High-Performer Spotlight: Samantha Bouquin, Milestone Environmental Services

Samantha Bouquin, Regional Sales Manager, Milestone Environmental Services, is a graduate of Energy Workforce’s Executive Leadership Program. She recently shared her insights on the energy services and technology sector.

Samantha Bouquin

ENERGY WORKFORCE: What is your role with the company? What does a typical day look like?

Samantha Bouquin: As a sales manager, I establish new accounts and maintain current account relationships. I also mentor, develop and supervise a sales team.

On a typical day I find myself connecting with current customers to ensure outstanding service, reaching out to new prospects, resolving any customer issues and touching base with my sales team throughout the day.

EW: Why did you join the oil and gas industry? Was there an individual who influenced your decision? Was there an event or piece of technology that got you excited?

SB: I joined the oil and gas industry because I was looking for a career change. I was drawn to oil and gas because it has indirectly been a part of my entire life. My dad has been in oil and gas most of his career.

EW: What individual has been most instrumental in helping with your career? What did their mentorship look like and how did it guide your path?

SB: My supervisor, Richard Leaper, has really help to push me be a better manager. He encourages me to be independent and have confidence in my decision making. He’s been a great mentor and leader, and I am blessed to have him as my supervisor.

EW: What was your impression of the industry beforehand and how has it evolved?

SB: I honestly did not know very much about oil and gas until I started this journey. I have learned so much being part of Milestone, and I am learning new things daily.

EW: What has surprised you most about the industry? 

SB: I never knew just how many pieces of the oil and gas industry exist. There are so many intricate parts woven together that bring the products to the world. It is something most people probably take for granted.

EW: Where do you hope to see the industry develop over the next five years?

SB: I hope to see the industry continue the journey to a carbon-neutral future.

EW: What role do you believe you will play in the industry’s future?

SB: Being a part of Milestone helps me understand the necessity of “cleaning up” the oilfield. I hope to be a positive influence and educator with our customers so that they can make better decisions about oilfield waste and achieve this carbon-neutral future across the industry.

EW: How has your involvement in the Council supported your career goals?

SB: By being part of this group, I have been introduced to many people all over the world living and working under the same circumstances as myself. I was able to learn new things, meet new people and use some strategies to enhance my role as a Sales Manager.

EW: Who are one or two individuals you’ve met while working in the industry who have impacted your thinking?

SB: I met a company man named Kenny who helped me understand a lot more about oil and gas. I spent a lot of time visiting with him and learning new things. I really appreciate his wisdom and insight and being willing to educate me to help me understand oil and gas on a much broader scale.

EW: What’s a technology or innovation you’ve seen in the energy services and technology sector that impressed you?

SB: I think the technology in oil and gas in general is amazing. It has propelled mankind, and few other industries can match the rapid advancements in technology that we have seen in oil and gas. One thing that still amazes me is horizontal drilling. I really didn’t know much about it at all until I started my career in the industry. That technology alone has so many components that make it possible.

EW: What advice would you give someone just getting started in the oil and gas industry?

SB: Always be learning and willing to evolve as the industry evolves. There’s always an opportunity to learn something new, and it is important to keep an open mind.

EW: What do you wish other people knew about oil and gas?

SB: I wish other people understood that oil and gas is in every aspect of our lives and is more than just a gas station or a drilling rig. Oil and gas plays a huge role in bringing us alternative energy. It ensures that we have food in our grocery stores. It ensures that we can do our shopping online and have it delivered to our homes. I could go on and on, but oil and gas is about so much more than most people are aware.

EW: What do you do for fun?

SB: I love to read, have recently started gardening, spending time with my munchkin (currently 21 months old) and animals.

EW: What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?

SB: Casting all of your worries and concerns aside and just relaxing and having fun. It really doesn’t matter where you go if you have constant worries and anxieties plaguing your ability to relax and have fun.

EW: What’s a fun fact that people would never guess about you?

SB: I used to compete in triathlons. I have competed in triathlons all over the state including Galveston, Lubbock, DFW area, Austin and the Permian. I’m also a mathematician.



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