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U.S. Oil and Gas Jobs See Slight Decline in December, Up Overall for the Year

Jobs in the U.S. oilfield experienced a slight decline, with a decrease of 941 jobs in the U.S. oilfield services sector during December, according to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) after adjustments to November numbers and analysis by the Energy Workforce & Technology Council.

Compared to November, job availability across the sector decreased by 0.5%. While the market continues to recover from the pandemic, adjusted numbers for 2023 indicate that the energy services sector is still on an upward trajectory, with job availability rising compared to 2022. At the market’s December 2022 peak, 648,679 jobs were reported in the energy services sector, while December 2023 indicated 648,933 jobs.

Nationally, the U.S. unemployment rate held steady at 3.7%. Reports indicate that national post-pandemic job recovery slowed; however, it did not sink into the widely anticipated downturn forecasted in early 2023.

“The U.S. energy sector remains a lucrative industry for those seeking to make an impact on global energy demand. There is no doubt that our industry continues its recovery, and despite market fluctuations, we are optimistic for the future of energy production as we enter into the first month of 2024.”

Energy Workforce President Molly Determan

In a state-by-state analysis, Energy Workforce reported the following: 

TX 316,225 
LA 54,186 
OK 49,384 
CO 26,347 
NM 24,270 
CA 23,751 
PA 23,491 
ND 20,182 
WY 15,055 
OH 10,772 
AK 10,058 
WV 9,929 


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