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Year-Long Programs Wrap With Key Take-Aways During Best Practice Sharing

Executive Leadership Program Participants

Participants from Energy Workforce’s year-long training programs joined the final quarterly best practice sharing of the year, each addressing their own set of questions relative to their program.

Members from the Executive Leadership Program, the I&D Business Champion Program and the ESG Certification Program gathered in small-group breakout sessions which included facilitated dialogue that expands networking amongst the programs.


Emerging Executives Committee Chair Chris Berrie, Global Industry Manager – Well Service Pumps, Caterpillar, led the Executive Leadership Program session, which included participants from the three tracks: Engaging Leadership, Strategic & Branded Executive and Advanced Business Development. Discussion questions addressed how participants can continue with career development beyond the program and after graduation, as well as ways to develop others within their organizations.

“A common theme and one of the biggest take-aways within our group was the value of the ‘Living Above the Line’ model and how we plan to use it in our personal careers and lives. I have been encouraging my team to put the ‘Living Above the Line’ and vision models as the backgrounds on their mobile devices. It’s a great visual and reminder to live above the line, having it on your phone keeps it at the forefront.”

Program Participant

Another group spoke to the importance of mentorship.

“One of the main themes in our discussion was the value of the mentor/mentee relationship and its ability to develop someone using that relationship,” shared a participant. “Understanding the power of having a mentor and going into that relationship with an open mind is key.”


I&D Business Champion

During the I&D Business Champion Program best practice sharing session, breakout groups discussed implementing take-aways from the program into participants’ organizations as well as how to effectively move an organization forward in inclusion and diversity in some way every day.

“We talked a lot about transparency of DEI data that is captured by some of our companies, shared not only from a ‘where are we today?’ standpoint but also capturing data from the front end,” shared one participant. “We need to share that information with our employees so everyone is aware of where the organization stands around DEI overall.”


ESG Certification Program Participants

The ESG Certification Program breakouts targeted ways the program has helped each person in their ESG journey, as well as advice they would give the 2023 program participants.

“In our group we had someone who was a champion for educating their entire organization from the top to bottom. They really had to take it on themselves, educate themselves, and they used the resources in this course and the playbook to really help bring people up to speed.”

Program Participant

Groups also talked about advice they might give to those who will take the course in the future.

“One suggestion in our group was to make sure that you stay in touch with your accountability partner. This helps to re-emphasize the importance of staying on track within the program; keeping your goals in mind before you start the program, what you want to get from the course, and then continuing to keep that in mind as you move through the entire year.”

Program Participant

The group wrapped the session by sharing useful ESG podcasts, newsletters, books and LinkedIn influencers.

All participants who complete the year-long programs will be celebrated at a graduation in January 2023.

For more information about Energy Workforce’s year-long training programs, contact Vice President Programs & Events Peggy Helfert or download the 2023 overview brochure.

Peggy Helfert, Vice President Programs & Events, writes about the Energy Workforce’s sector-specific best practices and leadership. Click here to subscribe to the Energy Workforce newsletter, which highlights sector-specific issues, best practices, activities and more.


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