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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Best Practice Sharing Sessions Address Challenges, Expectations in Current Environment

Participants from the Energy Workforce’s year-long training programs joined in quarterly best practice sharing last week, each addressing their own set of questions relative to their program.

Members from the Executive Leadership Program, the I&D Business Champion Program and the ESG Certification Program gathered in small-group breakout sessions which included facilitated dialogue that expands networking amongst the programs.

Executive Leadership Program

Executive Leadership Program Participants

Emerging Executives Committee Chair Chris Berrie, Global Industry Manager – Well Service Pumps, Caterpillar, led the Executive Leadership Program session, which included participants from the three tracks: Engaging Leadership, Strategic & Branded Executive and Advanced Business Development.

Discussion questions addressed what people are enjoying about their current roles as well as challenges they have been facing since companies have implemented hybrid working arrangements.

“The consistent theme in our breakout was that everyone thrives on contribution, and we all seemed to be optimistically focused on growth,” said one participant.

Changes over the past year were also addressed, particularly around communication.

“Our group agreed we are facing challenges relative to the many ways we have now to communicate, like email, texting, Teams, Skype. We were able to adjust and transition to these platforms but now it seems there is an unrealistic expectation regarding response time, and it can be disruptive.”

Program Participant

Emerging Executives Committee Vice Chair Simao Silva, Director of Global Accounts, Oceaneering, joined as a table coach and summarized his group’s key take-aways.

“We agreed communication across the board, that clear and transparent messaging is key. This helps to ensure everyone is chasing the same goals and on the same page, “he said.

I&D Business Champion Program

I&D Business Champion Program Participants

During the I&D Business Champion Program best practice sharing session, the group discussed tools their organizations are using to navigate through the challenges of talent acquisition.

Key take-aways included leveraging employee resource groups to ensure diverse hiring processes and interview panels, representation across the organization rather than just the hiring or HR manager.

“We agreed in our group that when it comes to attracting talent, companies should be looking at the net that’s being cast within the hiring process, making sure that we’re trying to get away from the stereotypical way of hiring.”

Program Participant

Another group discussed ways to make companies more inclusive or attractive to all types of employees, including those who may not meet the qualifications or have a desire for higher education.

“Our group talked about targeting high schools and building relationships with school counselors as a way to let them know what kinds of jobs may be available: fabrication, welding, machining … jobs that can help them get in the door,” said one participant.

ESG Certification Program

ESG Certification Program Participants

The ESG Certification Program breakouts targeted questions around participant company’s current ESG activity and where companies may be excelling in their efforts.

“In our discussion we agreed that our focus at the moment, in whatever stage of the ESG journey we are in, is to identify and take advantage of what we are already doing in ESG and putting it in the correct bucket. This has helped define our message and align our goals,” said one participant.

Groups also talked about how company’s corporate values correspond directly to their company’s core ESG values.

“I think the majority of our company values are aligned when it comes to ESG, however we need to work on how it all translates to our employees at the front line, so they can see the connection and how it impacts them. It’s going beyond the claims and actually getting the clear message out to the employees actually performing the work.”

Program Participant

For more information about Energy Workforce’s year-long training programs, contact Vice President Programs & Events Peggy Helfert or download the 2023 overview brochure.

Peggy Helfert, Vice President Programs and Events, writes about the Energy Workforce’s sector-specific best practices and leadership. Click here to subscribe to the Energy Workforce newsletter, which highlights sector-specific issues, best practices, activities and more.


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