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Energy Workforce & Technology Council 90th Anniversary
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Council Graduates Largest Cohort from Training Programs

The Council’s largest executive training cohorts to date graduated last week in ceremonies highlighting accomplishments and focus areas for the upcoming year.

Based on the Council’s mission to advance the industry and those within it, these programs educate, empower and elevate its individual members and Member Companies. The programs include the Executive Leadership, Inclusion & Diversity Business Champion and ESG Certification. Congratulations to all the graduates!

Dan Romito, Pickering Energy Partners

During the ESG Certification Program graduation, keynotes Dan Romito, Pickering Energy Partners, and Kaitlyn Allen, Clime.Co, both discussed ESG macro-trends, noting the emphasis on companies finding their role in an increasingly decarbonized world.

Romito also noted how “all roads to capital – insurance, banking, equity both private and public – go through ESG,” indicating the increasing role of ESG in accessibility to capital, key to companies in the economic recovery. Allen brought attention to the growing conversation around novel finance and the new tools available to acquire capital. These methods can be tied to target setting and are an opportunity for companies to demonstrate leadership in new areas through ESG.

Leadership building within the energy industry continues to be an area of expertise for the Council. The Executive Leadership Program, the longest running program of the Council, graduated its seventh cohort with representation from more than 25 companies.

Kyle Ramachandran, Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure

Council Advisory Board Member Kyle Ramachandran, Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure discussed how a previous rejection caused him to pivot and change career paths. His leadership style evolved as an intentional component of his personal branding. Finding a mentor who would foster his personal goals was also key to his success.

A key factor in mentorship is trust – something Advisory Board Member Pearl Chu, Schlumberger, impressed upon participants. She said “you can influence many people through positive feedback through your interactions” and furthermore “building a foundation of trust allows you to challenge people to achieve greater outcomes.”

Highlights from the I&D Business Champion graduation program included advice from keynote speakers Maria Lorente, Schlumberger, and Lauren Noyes, ChampionX:

  • Diversity is a fact; inclusion is an act.
  • The I&D journey is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • The I&D business case has never been clearer; it makes good business sense. 
  • Performance and innovation are fueled by a diverse way of seeing things.
  • Put your learnings to practice and become champions in your own companies.
  • This new type of leadership is centered on humility and authenticity, at the heart of diversity and inclusion, invoking the change that we’re all inspiring and aspiring to.

Moving forward, participants discussed reinforcing inclusion and diversity strategies as integral parts of their company’s business strategy and demonstrating this culture – as opposed to statements without clear actions.

Graduates throughout the programs expressed strong desires to champion their gained knowledge within their companies and create learning opportunities for others. Equipping current and future leaders with tools in leadership, inclusion and diversity and ESG evolves the energy industry and enhances its position as a driver of the global economy.

Enrollment in the 2022 program cohorts is open, and the Council encourages its Member Companies to engage their talent throughout these programs. Participants who complete each of the Council’s three signature training programs will be recognized as an Energy Workforce & Technology Council Certified Executive. The designation is designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and build knowledge essential to the oil and gas industry.

Please contact Vice President Programs & Events Peggy Helfert if you would like to be enrolled in the Council’s programs, or register below:

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